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545 Published by Lanyu 6月 08,2018

PC also known as PC board, polycarbonate board, solid board, bullet-proof glass. With the continuous development of economic, Polycarbonate board got more and more attention , and is widely used in various occupations.
Sports venues, industrial rooms, warehouse, connecting corridors and parking shed lighting, swimming pool roof, greenhouse cover, explosion-proof equipment shields, billboards, light boxes, lighting screens, lighting enclosures, business restaurants, bus waiting stations and so on.

Impact resistance, unbreakable: hundreds of times strength than the enhanced glass, acrylic plate, tough and safe, anti-theft, best on bullet-proof.

Good work-ability: it has good process ability, Plasticity. Can be cutting, carving, drilling, milling slot, bending, printing, thermoforming, stamping, bonding and other processing according to the demand. also can be cold bending at room temperature, according to the actual site needs, can be bent into arch, semi-circular and other styles.

The raw material is light , easy to transfer: only half of the weight of the glass, transfer, installation and construction is easy and can save both time and labor.

Weatherability, excellent lighting: can anti-ultraviolet light for long time, Good lighting property can save a lot of expenses, UV coating can anti-acid corrosion to extend more than 10 years life.

Sound insulation, no blind spot: PC solid sheet sound insulation effect is 3-4DB higher than glass, not like the traditional noise board, noise wall blocking the field of view as well.

Flame retardant: meet the EU ROHS directive, UL, and GB-8624UL94 safety standards, fire rating to V0 level, V2 level, B1, C level, etc, PC board itself is 580 degrees Celsius, self-extinguishing from the fire, burning Will not happen toxic gas, will not grow the extension of the fire.

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