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Application of PC hollow sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet

337 Published by Lanyu 5月 28,2018

Today, in order to advance the clarity of the light shade, durability, safety, many manufacturers choose PC sheet as the train lampshade, because of its fire resistance, impact resistance, transparency, plasticity and other aspects are super strong. Not only to make the safety of the train forward, but also to make all the train energy-saving reached to the optimal. PC solid board shade is usually placed in the place where has large flow people, because these place basically safety is first, and PC solid sheet is the best impact resistance plastic; its characteristics are beautiful, easy loading and unloading, durable, not easy to be damaged, easy to manage, do not often need to maintain replacement.
According to the previous record, the acrylic or glass usually used on the train, it is simply damaged. In order to change the situation of train lighting, security , the designer began to look for alternative material, on the one hand hope that passengers to maintain public facilities, on the other hand to prepare for improving the safety of the train . Therefore, now almost all use PC board with good impact resistance as a shade.

The light box made by pc is not only safe, but also excellent in permeability and beautiful. Even after a violent impact, the solid polycarbonate sheet used on the train will not be broken and injured passengers.

The application of hollow polycarbonate sheet on the agriculture

PC hollow sheet as the fourth generation of greenhouse new material, has now fundamentally improved the situation of the greenhouse. PC polycarbonate sheet has the following main features: light weight, the weight is 1/15 of the same thickness glass; super, impact strength is 16 times of the glass; energy saving, more than 40% than the glass conservatory energy saving; Durability, After 10 years use of hollow polycarbonate sheet, the transmittance reduce will not above 7%; weather resistance, between -41 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, no deformation; high light transmittance, colorless hollow polycarbonate sheet light transmittance rate Can reach 88%, comparable to the glass; can be cold-bending, according to the need to do cold bending, hot bending treatment.

At present, China’s greenhouse is still mainly use of glass, double film. Using of these materials is not only consume high, but also the ability to resist natural disasters is poor. When meeting the bad weather, the greenhouse itself and the crops in the greenhouse are severely jeopardized. And the film can not be recycled after use, will cause big pollution.

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