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Application of PC sheet in agriculture

356 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

As the forth generation of new type material for greenhouse,pc polycarbonate sheet have aready improved the condition of greenhouse.PC polycarbonate sheet have the following mainly features:
1)Light weight,the weight of polycarbonate sheet are only one-fifteenth as heavy as glass with the same thickness;

2)High hardness,the strength of impact resistant for pc polycarbonate sheet is 16 times than the glass;

3)Energy saving,It can save at least 40% energy than the greenhouse made of glass;

4)Durable, the decline of light transmittance will not exceed 7% after the pc sheet used for 10 years;

5)Weather resistant,it will not deformed between -41 ℃ ~ 120 ℃;6)High light transmittance,the light transmittance of clearpolycarbonate sheet can reach 88% which is comparable with glass;7)Cold-bending property,It can be cold-bending or thermal-bending by your need.

At present, the construction of greenhouse in china mainly use glass and double film which can be high energy consumption and poor resistant to natural disasters.In the event of bad weather such as hail, heavy snow, the greenhouse will not only suffer from a major damage, but also can not effectively protect the crops in the greenhouse.And he film after use can not be recycled which will cause a great deal of white pollution.

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