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How to distinguish the “real or false bayer pc hollow sheet”?

360 Published by Lanyu 3月 26,2018

γ€€γ€€It is well known in the industry that bayer is the leader of China’s polycarbonate sheet industry, no matter in quality or in technical services. After 15 years of hard work, the “bayer polycarbonate sheet” is a symbol of quality and trust. And in today’s market with fake and inferior products, the fake products of “bayer polycarbonate sheet from Germany” and “bayer brand polycarbonate sheet” are everywhere on the Internet. In fighting with the inferior products, at the same time, we also hope to let the consumer understand the essence of “bayer polycarbonate sheet”, and will not be fooled by fthe fake “bayer polycarbonate sheet”, to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
There are some forms about fake”bayer polycarbonate sheet” which needs us to draw attention:

Exchange concept: use “bayer polycarbonate material manufacturing” to induce consumers.

Product packaging: expanding bayer’s words to confuse consumers.

Product name: use or similar to bayer brand, close pronunciation, misleading consumers.

So, how do you identify the real bayer polycarbonate sheet?Here are our suggestions:

1. Judging from the quality of the product itself, whether the surface gloss and the transparency is good and whether there are black spots in the sheet.The sheet produced by inferior raw materials is generally with poor gloss,poor permeability, and there are black spots and other impurities in the sheet.

2. Judging from the protection film.

Counterfeit products usually do not print the factory name, detailed address and telephone, consumers can only contact dealers, and the quality problems can’t be traced to manufacturers.

3. Judging from the quality assurance: all products purchased from bayer material Co, Ltd. will be provided by the company with its product qualification certificate or inspection report and the quality assurance certificate.

4. Judging from the marks: the trademark of bayer that registered globally is with 10 words, which is composed of letter B, A, Y, E, R, lined verically and horizontally. pls the consumers recognize the spelling.

5. Control from the market channel: consumers can call the manufacturer for confirmation when they are unsure of the quality assurance for the purchase of the polycarbonate sheet panel.

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