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Bending performance of PC solid sheet

330 Published by Lanyu 5月 23,2018

PC solid sheet can be secondary operation, such as cutting, engraving, drilling, bending and so on. Today, we will talk briefly about the principle of bending.
Bending of PC solid sheet—- Under the pressure of the bending machine, the plate passes through the elastic deformation first and then enters the plastic deformation. At the beginning of the plastic bending, the plate is freely bent, With the increasing pressure on the bending machine, the pc solid sheet gradually formed a “V” bending, which is commonly known as bending.

There are two modes of PC solid sheet bending,include automatic and manual,they are easy to operate.Under automatic mode, the pc solid sheet will be bending automatically in the preset time. Softening gap can be adjusted according to the thickness of the pc solid sheet.Pc solid sheet adopt a fixed heating process, so that it is difficult to deformation after forming. The use of infrared heating method,make the pc sheet has longger service life than which adopt furnace heating method . Configure the water circulation system, to increase the cooling speed,And install water temperature overheating alarm system to reduce the defect rate, to ensure the safety use of equipment. With leakage protection, coupled with the ground wire, to ensure the security of construction and use.

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