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Distinctive pc hollow sheet and solid sheet

367 Published by Lanyu 6月 25,2018

Lanyu is a new high-tech plastic and decoration material company specializing in the development, production and sale of polycarbonate products.We introduce the world’s leading production technology from Germany and Italy, using the German bayer and American GE polycarbonate (PC) material, professionally produce and sell of polycarbonate (PC) hollow sheet, solid sheet and other products. Sheets produced by hangmei series have been passed through the national chemical building materials testing base inspection, all goods reach or exceed national standards, they all together are passed through the national building materials fire prevention function to supervise and inspect the base inspection, fire prevention function to B class rules.The company has passed the iso 9001:2000 quality system certification base certification, which is the largest, most professional and most powerful company in the Asian polycarbonate sheet.
Lanyu has always adhered to the technology and industry as the leading, taking the lead as the foundation.In the background of talent advantage, the guarantee of excellent products;Take customer satisfaction as the main theme, with excellent service as strategy;Take the market economy as the condition, take the company development as the policy.Always adhere to the science and technology set, the concept of scientific development, insist on high standard, high starting point, high quality, high demand, with excellent products and sincere service to win the new and old customers trust and support, in the industry set up outstanding promise and word of mouth, the polycarbonate sheet has achieved outstanding reputation in the industry.

The forming and bending property of PC Solid Sheet

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The unique advantages of Lanyu polycarbonate solid sheet

Characteristics of PC solid sheet High transmittance: Up to 80% of the transmittance , as transpa...

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Pc awning use pc hollow sheet or pc solid sheet

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You do not yet know the widespread use of PC solid sheet

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The reason why the pc hollow sheet and pc solid can able prevent the UV

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Application prospect of PC solid sheet

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The blister processing of polycarbonate solid sheet

At that time the market for blister materials are: PC (polycarbonate) PVC (polyvinyl chloride), A...

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