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Factors affecting the service life of pc sheet

708 Published by Lanyu 6月 19,2018

There are many factors affecting the use life of pc sheet , The first thing depends on the following aspects :

1.Production material :use the import high quality material or common material , actually the high quality sheet can insure the use life ,Unique company ten years sheets only use pure import new pc material , once the souse is good , that will be the basis of quality.
2.Products gravity : Good sheets front wall , down wall and middle wall there must have the relationship . Fixed share , usually pc sheet the front wall thickness is much thick than the down wall ; produce use the national standard to allocation , to insure the pc sheet the middle wall straightly , that also can insure the pc sheet’s safety and Impact resistance .

3.Anti ultraviolet and UV protective : if use in awning and carport , pc sheet exist single size to towards the sun , will meet UV radiation damage , it is not easy to long-term use ; if used in the noise barrier on the highway ,mostly time both sizes need to accept the sunshine .if not ass the UV surface , that will directly influence the use life of the sheets . Accelerate the rate of aging and yellowing .

4.Accurate device : If the plate device turns beyond the limit winding radius, it will be easy broken .so we must to attention about the Tortuous direction , It is bent along the direction of the tendon ,it can not on the sheet twists at the apex and reaming the screws ,Those can cause problems with the sheets , Influence service life.

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Factors affecting the service life of pc sheet

There are many factors affecting the use life of pc sheet , The first thing depends on the follow...

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