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From the color deviation of PC sheet material quality

843 Published by Lanyu 6月 26,2018

Same color of the goods is not able to do less error? We all know that polycarbonate solid sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet have many different colors, the most common colors are clear, green, blue, white, brown and so on, the use of more customers will find that different manufacturers, Produce the same color of the polycarbonate solid sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet also have larger errors, such as milky white, some manufacturers produce warm contrast to the plate, and some manufacturers are out of the dark contrast plate or something else. Many customers purchase the same color polycarbonate hollow sheet and polycarbonate solid sheet, there is a big difference, what is the formation of this factor?
Polycarbonate solid sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet is not the same color and the use of different manufacturers of the masterbatch material related to the production will be the same color plate color there is some error situation.

During the color error is still the most small polycarbonate hollow sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers, because these manufacturers rarely use the plate out of new materials, and most of the recycled material is sold through the other manufacturers come back, mixing too Multi-material suppliers of goods, materials, mixing, the formation of sheet metal color error increases. And these manufacturers, there is no own material formula, but also the formation of the most important factor of color error. So the polycarbonate solid sheet and polycarbonate hollow sheet color error much, and is it right? Polycarbonate hollow sheet, polycarbonate solid sheet manufacturers nothing to do. The key to choose a good standard and reliable large-capacity polycarbonate solid sheet, polycarbonate hollow sheet manufacturers have the guarantee. a professional production of green building materials manufacturers, produced by the polycarbonate solid sheet, polycarbonate hollow sheet full selection of new material production, quality assurance, please rest assured friends!

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