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The difference of pc hollow sheet and corrugated sheet

379 Published by Lanyu 12月 25,2017

The difference of pc hollow sheet and corrugated sheet
Recently, some customers seem to be unable to distinguish between the hollow sheet and
the corrugated sheet,so today I will introduce for you.

generally speaking,corrugated sheet the material is FRP,The hollow sheet material is PC ,
but they both have the Lighting function.whlie they have some difference:
1. hollow sheet Daylighting performance and weather resistance are better.
2.corrugated sheet has the better acid and alkali resistance,not easy to corrode by acid
and alkali.
3.production technology is difference,hollow sheet is used by co-extrusion technology ,it
is a littler complicated.
give you some tips :in fact,the hollow sheet is kind of lighting sheets,most of lighting
sheets is made of FRP .,while the hollow sheet is made of PC.The better hollow sheet the
warranty is 10 years, while the better FRP sheets the warranty will reach 20 years and 25
4.For performance,Although the thermal conductivity The RFP is lower than PC ,FRP sheet
usually the single wall,thermal is higher than PC multiple sheets ,that is say,The sun shines
in the summer,The interior temperature of the RFP lighting sheets is higher .in
general,Transmittance and carrying capacity can meet.
5.Anti Water Leakage side ,RFP sheet and pc sheet both use the screw to fix ,Generally
prevent water in is no problem.
The above points,I believe that we know more about the PC sheet and RFP sheet ,in fact
,they have someting in common, but need to notice u,when you purchse pls first to look at the
materail you need,do not due to the price or other reasons to choose Unsuitable material.

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