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Hollow awning Brief introduction and installation method

321 Published by Lanyu 12月 25,2017

Hollow awning Brief introduction and installation method
PC awning is used pc hollow sheet or solid sheet as the covered material.In the market ,used in the awning the broad usually in below:pc hollw sheet,pc solid sheet,pc u-lock sheet.The pc hollow sheet is cheaper,the pc solid sheet durable,pc u-lock sheet easy to install.

pc hollow awning is produced by uv layer and pc material to co extrusion together,Thus ensuring the stability of products against ultraviolet radiation.It Prevent the pc hollow shet Fading due to aging,and decrease of transmittance,this products the warranty can reach more than 10 years.PC hollow awning At room temperature can prevent corroded of a variety of organic acids,inorganic acids, weak bases,vegetable oils,neutral salts,aliphatic hydrocarbons,and alcohol.
PC hollow awning,pc hollow carport installation method:
Generally speaking,Steel carport can be divided into:FRP carport ,pc hollow carport and pc solid carport.
FRP carport:RFP sheet the color is various, Commonly used colors are grass green and white,light weight,can Reduce the risk of collapsing due to the snowstorm . install can used by split joint to avoid leakaging of rain.
PC hollow carport:the roofing material is pc hollow shet ,while the pc sheet have a lot of advantages,such as Light transmittance,impact resistance,UV protection,light weight,flame retardancy,flexibility, noise resistance,energy saving,temperature adaptability, weather resistance, anti condensation, simple and convenient,not like the traditional materials so heavy.It has been widely used in the world in recent years.
PC solid carport:the roofing material is solid sheet,this material has many advantages :Impact resistant and unbreakable, strength of tempered glass and acrylic plate more than hundreds of times,strong safety,security,bullet proof effect; circular arch, bending, processing of good,strong plasticity,can according to the site actual needs,arching,semi circular style; light weight, easy handling, weight and glass only half handling installation time saving,construction management easy and convenient;weatherability, excellent lighting, long term UV exposure,lighting effect is excellent,can save a lot of overhead section of the source.

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