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How to achieve the best effect when use the polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet?

530 Published by Lanyu 6月 06,2018

How to get the best sound insulation effects in decoration — choose the PC polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet
Firstly,make a wooden frame on the wall whick thickness ranges from 1cm to 2cm,Then lay asbestos on the frame.Thirdly,lay the gypsum board on the outside of the frame.Finally,paint the putty on the surface of gypsum board ,then brush paint.Pls pay attention,asbestos can’t be too thick,otherwise,it will affect the silence effect.

Windows:Windows must be sealed, whether it is a single windows or double windows, sealing is the most important.What’s more,it is the most effective way to make a seal with a plastic windows.Users who has already choosed the aluminum alloy windows,should ensure that the rubber seal strip of the aluminum alloy border is intact.The best option is to use the bridge-cut aluminum alloy?.Choose the hollow glass in the plastic windows or bridge-cut aluminum alloy windows is also a very effective mothod.Using cloth is another simple way to increase the silence of space,Such as absorb sounds with thick curtains.

Floor: It is necessary to install sounds insulation ceiling for sound insulation of upper and lower floors.In the side toward the ceiling, you can punch some irregular holes (but not through)to increase the effect of sound-absorbing.Install the ceiling under the foam board,the ceiling and the foam board must maintain a certain interval.

How to choose sounds insulation board?

In selection of sound insulation board, light is an important standard. You can disassemb it when moving.When re-installation, the gap can be sealed with a sound sealant.Service life of sound insulation felt is limited, the sound insulation effects will decline when long time using,In addition,the sound insulation effects of sound-absorbing material is particularly poor, polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet has a significant advantage over other products,The sound insulation effect of one piece polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet is equivalent to 8-10 pieces of ordinary board.Thickness of polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet usually ranges from 10-12 mm,which sound volume up to 53 dB.The polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet can save hours, save space, and its sound insulation effect is excellent.In addition, although the polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet initially applied to high-grade hotels, ktv, office buildings, but has been accepted by the majority of home users,This is mainly due to the rising trend of today’s environmental noise, the usual sound insulation material is difficult to meet the demand of noise reduction.

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