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How to cut the solid sheet to protect itself from the pollution?

402 Published by Lanyu 5月 15,2018

The standard of solid sheet is stable,usually between 1.22m~2.1m.It can’t satisfy all the household needs probably.This time,we need to cut the solid sheet to matches customers’ installing habits.If we cut the solid sheets in producing workshop,we can do the cutting process with professional tools,like fretsaw,arm saw, bow saw and so on.It is relatively common to cut the solid sheet with fretsaw blade.It is more accurate to control the scale and more quickly when using it.You need to pay attention to the saw dust when cut the solid sheet up.Because the solid sheet haven’t Anti-static function,the saw dust will attach to the solid sheet when it diffuses through the air.It will be difficult to clean it after cutting.When cutting it open,we can use the dry compressed air to blow out the groove and let sawdust not be sent out into the air.Then the solid sheet will be able to keep clean and tidy.
Workers usually use manual or automatic bow saw on the site.Keeping the solid sheet fasten to the table to avoid the oscillation during the incision.The protective film should not be removed, so as to avoid scratching solid sheet’s surface.This way is relatively convenience When you don’t have a large cutter bar.

Attentions when cutting the solid sheet:

1.When cutting, you need to be care of the solid sheet.It can not be touched with chemical solvent. if it is touched, you need to wipe it clean immediately by using a soft dishcloth with alcohol attached, otherwise the solid sheet may craze.

2.If the surface of solid sheet has dust, you need to wash clean it first and then,wipe it dry with dishcloth.

3.You’d better not tear the film before cutting.Tearing the protective film after installing can protect solid sheet’s surface from scratching.

4.You should pay attention that solid sheet can not be laid on the wet cement floor and avoid sheet contacting with acids, alkali and other liquids.

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