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How to discriminate PC board?

400 Published by Lanyu 6月 22,2018

Polycarbonate (PC) plate is aromatic bisphenol A polycarbonate as main ingredient, it has light weight, high transparency, good impact resistance, heat resistance, flame retardant, sound insulation, heat insulation and electrical insulation and many good properties. Now, in the domestic market of automatic position in PC board for hollow board (commonly known as PC hollow sheet) and the solid plate (commonly known as PC solid sheet, they are widely used in the construction industry, the advertising industry, agriculture, manufacturing, and professional decoration etc.
How do consumers tell the quality of PC boards?

Look at the brand. Generally speaking, the quality of goods of some well-known domestic brands is better ensured;

2. Compare the sample card (or color card). Now all PC production companies have sample CARDS, and consumers can ask for them at dealers. After comparing the sample CARDS of different brands can be distinguished, detailed can be seen in the following aspects:

Transparency: usually good products have higher levels of transparency, while poor products tend to look vague.

Colour: good commodity, usually the color is very bright , and inferior commodity, if colorless they will look yellowing, the color sheet will look not bright, bleak;

Thickness and feel: good merchandise, usually thickness is quite enough, feel strong, and poor products usually are thinner.

We can see from the manufacturer that the board is good or bad

1. See the material: is there a special anti-drop protection film? Is there new material provided by PC manufacturers?

2. See the production equipment: if there are UV coextruding layer, there are at least two extruders, one is extruded from the main material, and the other is extruded for UV. If there is a drip-proof treatment device, the type of anti-drip-proof treatment agent can be sniffed. If alcohol is alcohol-soluble, no smell is usually water soluble.

3. Check the equipment: such as measuring the transmittance and various mechanical properties, especially the instrument for checking the thickness of the UV layer. As has been mentioned above, the UV layer thickness and its spread seriously affect the service life of the PC board, and it changes at any time with the linear velocity, temperature and pressure changes, thus it is necessary to monitor and adjust at any time. If the equipment is not checked, the base will not be able to ensure the thickness and uniformity of the UV layer on the whole plate width.

Anyway, now the domestic PC board market is in very disorder, commodity component of the good and bad are intermingled, which has severely affected the reputation of the PC board, also brought an impact to the PC board occupation, the consumer must be careful when purchasing goods, to avoid unnecessary loss themselves.

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