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How to distinguish between the sun board and the endurance board?

361 Published by Lanyu 6月 05,2018

First as the user must want to buy board use yourself, to learn, analyzing the specific issues of different plates have different USES, so before buying plank, must clearly understand the characteristics of different plate and performance, and then according to their own need to make the right choice.
Hollow board: the main use is greenhouse sunshine shed, daylighting shed use, its sound insulation, heat insulation effect is much better than the solid heart, also not simple thermal expansion cold shrink causes crack plate.But the pressure is not equal to the solid board, the pressure of the solid board is very good, the hammer is not bad.

Solid plate: the main use is advertising light boxes, advertising light box usually rarely need use more than a decade, so solid sheet usually stores compared with less UV guide to fast easy ageing, not bask in the sun and UV layer is more crucial than the compressive strength, fast not hard solid sheet is aging quickly.Solid plate is simpler than hollow plate, especially in the bore bearing.

It is important to accept the use of the purchase product: the solar panel is selected for the UV layer of the PC hollow board, the advertising products and the need to accept the pressure of the selection of the solid plate without UV.Don’t think that a solid thing is better than a hollow one.If solid board is identical like hollow board the imported raw material and UV are crowded, the solid board is sure to be durable, then the quotation also can be several times.If a temporary turnover box is used, then please choose the hollow plate without UV, and can request the manufacturer to make the order according to the application of the application, which can save a lot of cost.

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