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How to distinguish the sheet of different materials?

324 Published by Lanyu 5月 14,2018

  There are a lot of plastic sheet on the market right now, and the plastic sheet is a very broad profession. Now the most popular plastic sheet on the market is: Acrylic Sheet PC Sheet, PS Sheet, these are all very similar, how to compare these sheets especially the clear sheets?

  First: plexiglass (acrylic) sheets are: extrusion board and casting board, and the extrusion sheet’s recognition is, good transparency, with the initial recognition method: burn it, burning flame to be blue, no smoking, have bubbles, save to pull the filament.The identification of casting board is: higher transparency, with fire burning, no smoke, bubble, creaking sound, save it without silk.
  Second: PC board, the recognition method is: high transparency, good resistance to impact, can’t beat it, burned in the fire but no burning, flame retardant, and cause some black smoke.
  The 3rd: PS acrylic sheet, the recognition method is: the transparency is normal when the reflection is seen will have hemp.The contrast is brittle and easy to break.It has crack sound when hit the ground. A lot of black smoke caused when burned.
  Assume that these sheets are totally colorless, so cost can only recognize them to be colorless, transparent, but can’t identify which is plexiglass (acrylic), which is PC solid sheet, etc.That is why some unscrupulous businessmen will cheat some customers and use acrylic sheet to recharge PC solid sheet! The seller can get bigger profits by this way.This will not only cause consumers to waste money, but also cause consumers to have some misunderstanding about plastic sheets, which can cause serious and vicious cycle consequences.

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