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How to distinguish the solid sheet with different materials?

324 Published by Lanyu 6月 01,2018

According to PC board manufacturers, now there are all kinds of PC board making people dazzling, and the PC board processing is of a lot of varieties, so what are they in details?Each type of processing refers to? Here are some information about these two questions to teach you to answer these two questions.

The variety of PC board processing includes the following:

Cut PC board, PC board carve, PC board drilling, PC board slot milling, pc board hot bending, PC board hot compression and fixation, PC board pressing, PC board hot stamping shape, PC board adhesive polishing,PC board printing, PC board blister, blow molding, molding, etc.PC board cutting technology is simple and easy to operate.
Nowadays, there are a lot of plastic plates on the market, plastic sheet is a very broad profession.Plastic sheets make up about a third of the processing and manufacturing material used in today’s market, second only to metal and planks.It turns out that plastic jobs are very promising.To be successful in this career, you must first understand the commodity.Now the most popular on the market of plastic plate, organic glass, PC, PS, MS plates, these plates are similar, what is the difference between organic glass, PS board processing, PS organic plate, MS sheet, how these sheets especially clear sheets are compared.

Top: plexiglass (acrylic) respectively: extruded board and casting board, extruded sheet recognition is that transparency is good, with the initial identification method, the fire, burning flame to be blue, no smoking, have bubbles, save to pull the filament.The identification of casting board is: higher transparency, smoke, bubbles and creaking noise when burned with fire, and save to pull the filament.

Second: PC board processing, the recognition method is: high brightness, high impact strength, cant beat bad, fire burning is not burning, flame retardant, and there will be some black smoke.

The 3rd: PS organic board, the recognition method is: the transparency is normal, when the reflection is seen will have hemp.The contrast is brittle and easy to break.It will click when hit the ground.A lot of black smoke happens when burned.

The fourth: MS board, the recognition method is: the transparency is normal, the glance will have the point of hemp.A lot of black smoke happens when burned.It’s close to the PS board, but the flexibility and processing functions are better than PS organic boards.

The same colors, by contrast, can’t tell what they are.If the consumer does not understand the knowledge of products, then can bring to the seller the opportunity that can cheat.That makes it profitable for sellers.

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