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How to identify PC sheet materials are domestic raw materials or imported raw materials?

427 Published by Lanyu 6月 23,2018

Now, a large number of domestic sunshine board manufacturers appear, causing the market to sell the sunshine board and the quality layer of the endurance plate.Many use the disabled sun board or the endurance board to fake foreign imported materials to produce the excellent PC board to defraud customers, to earn profits.
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The quality and length of the PC’s solar panel or PC endurance panel are based on the quality of the board and the equipment skills.Now, the large number of manufacturers of sunshine boards in the domestic market are similar.The only ingredient that affects the quality of the plates is the polycarbonate material used.

Some of the biggest PC board materials sold in China now have bayer, shoutt (original GE), emperor, dow chemical, LG.Second-line brands include: hunan petrochemical (South Korea), Iranian petrochemical, Russian petrochemicals, naimei (Taiwan).The worst one is the new material used again, we commonly known as the return material.If the PC sun board or PC endurance plate produced by the return material, the mechanical property of the plate, the appearance and the use of life will be greatly weakened, resulting in premature ageing of the plate.The disabled sun board endurance board that sells in the market, the client after buying such plank after all will give oneself a big economic loss.And if use the sunshine board or the endurance board that is produced by the imported material of the first line perhaps second line, basically will meet the customer’s expectation effect to plank.

So how can the customer tell that the sun board and the endurance panel sold in the market are produced from imported materials, and still made from domestic products?Usually we didn’t check equipment to check, only is with our naked eye can distinguish, first let’s to see whether the light transmittance of plank, import new material produced out of the sun light transmittance plate and endurance is very good, no crystal surface points, plank interior without impurities and pitting.And one of the most brief method, is the sunshine of the imported material to produce board or endurance plate and domestic material from the sun back plate or stamina, on a white piece of paper to see if they light transmittance, domestic material from PC sunshine board or PC endurance plate significantly than that of the imported raw materials from hair grey, dark, and also see significant surface crystal point and pitting.If we are careful investigation, should be very simple discover PC board material of the outstanding amount of.

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