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Introduction and advantages of polycarbonate solid sheet

336 Published by Lanyu 5月 22,2018

What is the polycarbonate solid sheet?Polycarbonate solid sheet is also called PC board, which is a engineering building decoration material with high performance.It has many characteristics, such as good impact resistance, good weather resistance, not friable.Its strength even exceed the tempered glass, and its plasticity is also high, can be round or bent, it also can change the shape according to the requirement.It is precisely because of its various characteristics, it is widely used in our real life.In real life, polycarbonate solid sheet is often used in telephone booths, as well as advertising signs, of course, in addition to these, it can also be used in a variety of instrumentation and military industry.The sound barrier on highways and some viaducts is also made of polycarbonate solid sheet,because it has excellent sound insulation property .Not only that, it is also widely used in curtains or restaurants’ roof.
Polycarbonate solid sheet has so many uses which can not separate from its advantage.What are the advantages of it?The first is its high light transmission which can reach nearly 90 percent, and even under the sun exposure,it will not deformation and discoloration. The second is the strong impact resistance, so it is called not broken glass.The third is that it has anti-ultraviolet features,we can take advantage of this property to maintain some valuable artworks and exhibits.The fourth is light weight which is easy to transport and open.The fifth is that it has excellent flame insulation property,thus,it is widely used indoors.Besides that,it can change the shape according to our requirement.Finally, it has excellent soundproof effect, so we can see its shadow on both sides of the highway.

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