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Issues that need to pay attention when install the hollow polycarbonate sheet

316 Published by Lanyu 5月 29,2018

(1) must pay attention to PC solid sheet, PC hollow sheet. Leave the device space because of thermal expansion and contraction. The linear expansion coefficient of PC board is 6.75*10^(-5)m/(m*k). That is, the temperature increases by 1℃, the sheets of 1m * 1m will swelling 0.0675mm in the length and width direction. Correspondingly, the temperature drops by 1℃, the sheet also shortens the same amount. Users should calculate the reserved space based on the project location temperature difference of four seasons. For example, the Beijing area, the maximum surface temperature difference is about 80 ℃, then 1m * 1m sheet space reserved for: 0.0675 * 80 = 5.4mm
(2) Determination of PC sheets thickness and device standard, is related with the device area fundamental wind, the basic snow load, height of the device, building size and many other factors.

(3) Now improved PC sheeet installation method is divided into “special aluminum assembly method” and “buckle-type assembly method.” These two methods need to put special waterproof tape under the aluminum profile or buckle steel plate. The tape is imported special tape, the standard selection should be severely according to engineering design requirements.

(4) When use the self-tapping screws or bolts to connect aluminum profile. in the tightening should pay attention to adjust the sealing parts of the joint together, also pay attention not to make pc board, convergence profiles and fasteners themselves deformation or damage.

(5) When the installation finished, expose the maintenance film immediately. If still necessary to maintain the board, you should first peel off, and then re-cover. Should prevent direct sunlight, in case of the glue transfer.

(6) before the installation, the construction organizers must understand the attention and the words on the film, also should explain these to the operator. Especially should pay attention on the mark”which side outward”

(7) when install the polycarbonate sheet, hollow sheet, if need normal temperature bent board, please notice PC thickness (D) and the bending Radius (R) relation. Multi layer sheet R R>=175d, Single Layer sheet R>=150d Corrugated sheet R>=4000mm.

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