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Misunderstanding of the polycarbonate hollow sheet and polycarbonate solid sheet

713 Published by Lanyu 6月 27,2018

Misleading one: two or more layer PC sheet called polycarbonate hollow sheet, single layer (ie solid) called polycarbonate solid sheet.
Correct: All the PC sheet used for lighting shed was originally called “polycarbonate sheet”. The polycarbonate hollow sheet is divided into hollow sheet and solid sheet. Due to the solid sheet is resistant to pressure and strong stress, the late end adapts to the shopping mall called “polycarbonate solid sheet”.

Misleading Second: the polycarbonate hollow sheet is the plastic sheet, no matter how but it is made of plastic, coupled with low-grade shopping malls three years on the broken, customers are more convinced that the polycarbonate hollow sheet is not used;

Correct: car windshield film substrate is plastic, though so thin, once coupled with sunscreen material, I think 3-5 years is not rotten; you see which home Pute polycarbonate hollow sheet or Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet a few years on the broken.No; a project can be used to tens of thousands of square meters sunshine boss are simply high IQ, why they will choose Putty sunshine board. Enough to confirm Pute polycarbonate hollow sheet is used.

Misleading three: there is a “Bayer” the word sunshine film is the Bayer polycarbonate hollow sheet ; a “Pu Te” word sunshine film is the polycarbonate hollow sheet ; or the company name Bayer word or Put the word that is genuine .

Correct: The choice of Bayer technology or Bayer material is not equal to the Bayer sun board, who polycarbonate hollow sheet factory can use (Bayer material) to produce, he is the PC original data company; “a certain Putt, Putou XX” [such as: Sopot, Putong Nai, Putkaboulon] and so on, although both have the word Pute, but not produced by Guangdong Pute Sunshine Plates Co, Ltd. [Brand: Pute sunshine board].

Misleading four:polycarbonate hollow sheet as long as the new material production and the production of old materials points;

Correct: The global PC polycarbonate material production countless, quality and price difference is also quite large, just as the same is stainless steel, 201 # and 316 # difference of more than three times. Bayer and Saudi Arabia are now two major brands of polycarbonate.

Misleading five:as long as it is Bayer material or Saudi production of polycarbonate hollow sheet is a good sheet;

Correct: Bayer materials and Saudi Arabia is divided into many trademarks (model).

Misleading six:UV sheet is a good sheet;

Correct: Some material itself is rich in anti-UV ingredients, but that information on the light shed polycarbonate hollow sheet , relying on that little ingredient is absolutely not acceptable, some manufacturers to say that their sunshine board is rich UV material. Pute sunshine board above the coextrusion is imported pure UV, he is UV absorption, rather than “anti”, is “absorption” is entirely the concept of two.

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