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Published by Lanyu6月 15,2018

Pc awning use pc hollow sheet or pc solid sheet

In fact ,pc awning use hollow sheet or solid sheet is False questions , use not only hollow sheet...

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Published by Lanyu6月 14,2018

You do not yet know the widespread use of PC solid sheet

Now for the clarity of the light shade, durability, safety, many manufacturers will turn the choi...

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Published by Lanyu6月 12,2018

The reason why the pc hollow sheet and pc solid can able prevent the UV

Why the pc sheet ( hollow sheet , solid sheet ) can prevent the UV , aging-resistant , Extend the...

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Published by Lanyu6月 11,2018

Application prospect of PC solid sheet

Now, when we are choosing the building materials, it is not the price of the quotation that is th...

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Published by Lanyu6月 09,2018

The blister processing of polycarbonate solid sheet

At that time the market for blister materials are: PC (polycarbonate) PVC (polyvinyl chloride), A...

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Published by Lanyu6月 08,2018

About Polycarbonate Sheet

PC also known as PC board, polycarbonate board, solid board, bullet-proof glass. With the continu...

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Published by Lanyu6月 07,2018

Polycarbonate embossed sheet shower room

Humanized planning is the people-oriented planning concept, the courage to innovate ,do precisely...

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Published by Lanyu6月 06,2018

How to achieve the best effect when use the polycarbonate sound insulation solid sheet?

How to get the best sound insulation effects in decoration — choose the PC polycarbonate so...

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Published by Lanyu6月 05,2018

How to distinguish between the sun board and the endurance board?

First as the user must want to buy board use yourself, to learn, analyzing the specific issues of...

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Published by Lanyu6月 04,2018

Other installation methods for solid sheet

Marginal fixation 1 . reserved seam When cleaning the edges of the PC board, there must be certai...

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Published by Lanyu6月 02,2018

Using PC hollow board and solid board to decorate is simple and economical

The Polycarbonate sheet contains PC hollow board and PC solid board, which is widely used in the ...

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Published by Lanyu6月 01,2018

How to distinguish the solid sheet with different materials?

According to PC board manufacturers, now there are all kinds of PC board making people dazzling, ...

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