Professional Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer in China


Published by Lanyu5月 31,2018

Screw assembly method of PC solid sheet

Screw method A, screw or rivet piercing device, the opening diameter of the plate must be 50% lar...

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Published by Lanyu5月 30,2018

The characteristics of polycarbonate solid sheet “UV coextrusion”

UV is the abbreviation of UV? English called ultraviolet,PC polycarbonate material imported from ...

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Published by Lanyu5月 29,2018

Issues that need to pay attention when install the hollow polycarbonate sheet

(1) must pay attention to PC solid sheet, PC hollow sheet. Leave the device space because of ther...

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Published by Lanyu5月 28,2018

Application of PC hollow sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet

Today, in order to advance the clarity of the light shade, durability, safety, many manufacturers...

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Published by Lanyu5月 26,2018

Good Quality always is the center of Polycarbonate sheet

In the trend of diversification of building materials, Our demand to polycarbonate sheet is not o...

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Published by Lanyu5月 25,2018

The reason why PC solid sheet develop so quickly?

Through investigation found that PC solid sheet is one of the engineering plastic develop fast, s...

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Published by Lanyu5月 24,2018

The usage in taxi of Anti robbing device that made of pc solid sheet

According to survey, in recent 5 years of Yinchuan city, the case that snatch and hurt the taxi d...

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Published by Lanyu5月 23,2018

Bending performance of PC solid sheet

PC solid sheet can be secondary operation, such as cutting, engraving, drilling, bending and so o...

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Published by Lanyu5月 22,2018

Introduction and advantages of polycarbonate solid sheet

What is the polycarbonate solid sheet?Polycarbonate solid sheet is also called PC board, which is...

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Published by Lanyu5月 21,2018

PC solid sheets’ function of sound proof and noise resistance

The speed of cities’ development is getting faster and faster!The improvement of living standard ...

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Published by Lanyu5月 16,2018

Properties of Solid polycarbonate sheet

  Solid polycarbonate sheet always used in fitment and decoration. It has a lot if advantages l...

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Published by Lanyu5月 15,2018

How to cut the solid sheet to protect itself from the pollution?

The standard of solid sheet is stable,usually between 1.22m~2.1m.It can’t satisfy all the househo...

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