Professional Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer in China


Published by Lanyu5月 14,2018

How to distinguish the sheet of different materials?

  There are a lot of plastic sheet on the market right now, and the plastic sheet is a very bro...

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Published by Lanyu5月 10,2018

PC Solid sheet has a very promising future

  Through inquiry and calculation, it is found that the Solid sheet is one of the relatively fa...

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Published by Lanyu5月 09,2018

The selection method for hollow sheet and solid sheet

  Why the PC hollow sheet is more durable than PC solid sheet? The user has to know the usage o...

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Published by Lanyu5月 08,2018

Polycarbonate hollow sheets’ several common problem

  PC hollow is the most environmental friendly and energy-saving plastic materials, it has a hi...

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Published by Lanyu5月 06,2018

Polycarbonate hollow sheet installation-the aluminum profile installation

  (1) Now the modified polycarbonate hollow sheet installation method is divided into “al...

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Published by Lanyu5月 05,2018

The absolute advantage of pc hollow sheet

  First of all, polycarbonate sheet has excellent light transmittance which can reach 88%.Now t...

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Published by Lanyu5月 03,2018

PC Hollow Sheet Greenhouse

  First, compared with the multi-span film greenhouse      1, The useful life of PC hollow ...

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Published by Lanyu5月 02,2018

The difference of pc hollow sheet and corrugated sheet

  Recently, some customers seem to be unable to distinguish between the hollow sheet and the co...

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Published by Lanyu3月 26,2018

How to distinguish the “real or false bayer pc hollow sheet”?

  It is well known in the industry that bayer is the leader of China’s polycarbonate shee...

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Published by Lanyu3月 21,2018

The difference between pc solid sheet canopy and glass canopy

Hat should you do with the coming of the rainy season?I believe we all thought about the canopy, ...

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Published by Lanyu2月 08,2018

PC hollow sheet have good heat preservation performance

PC hollow sheet is made of polycarbonate raw material. It is a kind of high strength ,transparenc...

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Published by Lanyu2月 08,2018

How to choose the polycarbonate solid sheet for bus shelter light box

The standard thickness of polycarbonate solid sheet used in bus shelter light box rangs from 1mm ...

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