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A few notes for PC hollow sheet installation

318 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

1.Surface of PC hollow sheet do not contact with alkaline substances and corrosive organic solvents, such as alkali, alkaline salt, amine , ketone , aldehyde, ester, ether, sodium water, methanol and isopropyl alcohol. The sheet can’t touch the painted side of frame.
2.Must chose the neutral glue and pads suitable for polycarbonate sheet.

3.When drilling holes, to allow the expansion of the plate , the diameter of holes should be 50% bigger than of the screw diameter.And and the screw hole to the edge of sheet can’t less than 50mm. The screw should not be too dense,it is recommended that distance between two screws not less than 50cm.(the thicker sheet requires the larger distance between screws).

4.Provide adequate expansion space between two plates according to the local temperature . In general,the slot width should be more than 50% of the screw diameter.

5.In the process of cold bending, bending direction should be same as the plate ribs direction. cold bending radius of the PC hollow sheet must be greater than 175 times the sheet thickness .The cold bending radius of PC solid sheet must be greater than 100 times the sheet thickness . Cold Bending Radius Calculation formula: R = 1 / 2h + ㎡ / 8h (R = bending radius; h = arch height; m = span).

6.In the construction process ,do not install screws on the board , you should drill a hole for the screws. Screws are disabled on the bending point.

7.Cleaning and maintenance the sheet regularly .To avoid corrosion of acid and alkali dust for the PC sheet, it is better to rinse sheet with warm water.

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