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Other installation methods for solid sheet

334 Published by Lanyu 6月 04,2018

Marginal fixation

1 . reserved seam

When cleaning the edges of the PC board, there must be certain plate embedment depth (c) and thermal expansion allowance (b)

In the meantime: b>= 20 cm c>= temperature difference (degree) x broad length m (x) x 0.067 mm
2. drilling

Clean light PC board can use general drilling and punching

The aperture shall be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the screw, Within the marginal 50mm range of the plate, it is difficult to perforate .pls check the pics in below :

3. sealed data

Sealing film should be removed before sealing ,and to clean the broad .

PC sheets can be made of neoprene (CR) and vinyl acetate (EPDM) as a gasket .

Can use neutral silica gel (must be neutral curing) as filling material to make up for sealing material.

If user chooses other sealed data specified by non manufacturer, Shall consider whether the material is compatible with the PC sheet.

Taboo use Bitumen, PVC material, as the PC seal material .

4 other matters

There is a protective film on the front and back of the cleaning PC sheet , To adhere to the smooth surface of the board, Do not damage the membrane until the device is finished.

The opening of the sun panel (hollow board) shall be sealed with a sealing tape before the installation . The opening of the sun panel (hollow board) shall be sealed with a sealing tape before the installation.

In the device, according to the needs of the margin of some protective membrane opened 50mm around, Avoid the protective film being pressed under the belt, When the device is finished, tear off the protective film.

The PC board must have one side of UV proof that faces outward .

In the process of installation, Construction personnel can not stand directly on the PC board construction,better ,on the springboard.

At the end of the construction, the sundries on the board should be cleaned.

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