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Pc awning use pc hollow sheet or pc solid sheet

624 Published by Lanyu 6月 15,2018

In fact ,pc awning use hollow sheet or solid sheet is False questions , use not only hollow sheet but solid sheet is not important ,as hollow sheet and solid sheet is use the same material and processing to produce , have the same features , the difference is the board Structure .I think , we need to think more about which one is more economy .which kind is more durable , which kind is more safety ,which kind is more suitable .
Lanyu notify us , use hollow sheet is okay , use solid sheet is also no problem . The main selection is based on the actual use, environment, safety, accounting and so on .As both them material is same and a lot of features is same , the difference is the structure show to us ,reduce the little features changed .below will show the difference between they in order to let us choose the suitable ones for ourselves .

I think we have some misunderstanding on pc awning /canopy :

Many people think that the solid canopy would be better than hollow canopy , The fact is, is that so? Let us think together . suppose that same material ,same quality ,same usage ,same installation ,just the structure is difference , It will affect the use of life ? the use life is a link with many aspects , major factor is material , Anti ultraviolet and UV coating ,installation and so on . So in fact, assume that the other conditions are the same conditions , Only the board structure is not the same, the use of life is the same.

After the above known , Originally ,awning use hollow sheet or use solid sheet both ok ,mainly based on the accounts and Special technical requirements to Discrimination . Hope our answer can help you find the suitable kind of awning .

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