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PC Hollow Sheet Greenhouse

317 Published by Lanyu 5月 03,2018

  First, compared with the multi-span film greenhouse
  1, The useful life of PC hollow sheet is 10 years,the film is about two or three years. The film need be replaced repeatedly. The cost of film and construction is far more than the PC hollow sheet greenhouse.

  2, The insulation and light performance of PC sheet lighting are better than film.The PC sheet greenhouse can save more heating material, make plants grows better, and increase revenue.
  3, The impact and flame resistance of PC hollow sheet make it can suffer from fire, hail disaster ,which the film can’t withstand. Use PC sheet equals to brought secure insurance, it can avoid economic loss because of accident.
  4, PC hollow sheet is beautiful with ornamental, you can develop tourism agriculture to access to more benefits.
  5, In addition, the quality of PC sheet is the most important, poor quality sheet may need 10 RMB/m2, but its life only 2-3 years. While the good quality plate price is 30 RMB/M2, Its service life can reach 10 years or even longer. Such as the German Bayer material sheet, recognized as the world’s best PC sheet. The life of some of the engineering case has reached 19 years.
  Second, compared with the multi-span glass greenhouse
  1, Light weight: The PC sheet and glass with same thickness, the PC hollow sheet is only one-tenth of the weight of the glass. So it is easy to transport and installation.
  2, Load-bearing: the PC hollow sheet have better load-bearing. The PC sheet can bear hail hit more than glass.
  3, The safety: if the top covered with glass, once it broken, there will be a big security risk; even use tempered glass, we can not guarantee the safe when hails. The PC hollow sheet is more safe than the glass.
  4, Insulation: The insulation of PC sheet is much higher than the glass.The indoor temperature of PC sheet greenhouse is about 2-5 degree higher than glass.PC sheet suitable for wintering use.
  5, The economy:The glass top is heavy, so it need more steel frame to support the top.In addition,If glass used, the amount of aluminum will increase too.So the whole cost of greenhouse will increase virtually.

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