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PC hollow sheet have good heat preservation performance

295 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

PC hollow sheet is made of polycarbonate raw material. It is a kind of high strength ,transparency, energy conserving,soundproof new material that widely used throughout the world nowadays. Its heat preservation performance made it popular in the market.
PC hollow sheet one side with UV blocking,the other side with anti condensation . The PC sheet can both anti-UV and anti-drop, it can protect valuable arts and exhibits. The two sides of sheet can both coated with UV, it always used in the special flower plant or environment have high request for anti-UV.

In addition, The thicker or with more layers, the PC hollow sheet have better heat preservation performance . The thickest sheet is not the best ,we should chose suitable sheet according to project and local environment.

The light transmittance of PC hollow sheet is more than 89%,almost same as glass. With the UV blocking can protect the sheet from yellowing and atomized. The light transmittance only decrease 6% after used 10 years. But for PVC sheet,it will decrease 15%-20%,FRP sheet will decrease 12%-20%.

PC hollow sheet can insulate up to 49%. The PC sheet has a lower thermal conductivity (K value) than glass and other plastics. The insulation of PC hollow sheet is 7% -25% higher than glass. PC hollow sheet can reduce the heat loss greatly, it is a kind of environmentally friendly materials that often used in heating device construction.

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