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The difference between pc solid sheet canopy and glass canopy

288 Published by Lanyu 3月 21,2018

Hat should you do with the coming of the rainy season?I believe we all thought about the canopy, as we all know that canopy is our good partners in the rainy season, it covers rain and wind for us,willingly bear the burden of hard works, and working hard to protect us from the rain. But when it comes to the canopy, you may think which is better, solid canopy or glass canopy?
pc solid awning
Let’s take a look at the glass canopy first. In response to the people’s increasing attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, the glass canopy as a kind of green building materials are deeply loved by the people.

There are lots of characteristics for the glass canopy, its sound insulation is very good, so the noise it produces is also very low, almost won’t affect people’s life.The glass canopy is easy to clean and it has good fire resistance, in all the result it produces is simple, elegant and fashionable.The only point is that glass is more fragile than pc solid board.

Now Unique editor will interpret the multi-functional , widely used of pc solid canopy, everyone knows there are lots of functions for the pc solid sheet, its bending degree is better than that of glass, and uv protection ability is strong, our canopy can not only cover the rain and also protect us from the ultraviolet radiation burns,and the important thing is not easy to condensation dew drops, so that the raindrops it causes on the surface of the sheet can drop quickly, for this, the glass canopy is incomparable.

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