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PC Solid sheet has a very promising future

307 Published by Lanyu 5月 10,2018

  Through inquiry and calculation, it is found that the Solid sheet is one of the relatively fast commodities in engineering plastics, so the demand for the products in the profession has also been rapidly increased. In this case, to carry out occupation and the same goods will not keep up with the time, so the PC solid sheet to high composite high power series, special purpose, etc. to carry out. The PC solid sheet selection of polymer engineering plastics polycarbonate as the main raw material, through a variety of techniques to get the goods have many good functions in various aspects, although due to the impact of the economic environment, the commodity needs decreased, but now the occupation costs add, need the PC solid sheet also increased.

  Coupled with the use of new technology, new equipment, the quality of goods, functions and other aspects of the previous significant progress, and in the strong advantage of the promotion, the user’s attention to this kind of commodity is even higher.
  Many people know that the PC solid sheet is very convenient for our daily life, but we don’t know when the PC solid sheet is developed by us. Below, let me briefly introduce how to develop the PC solid sheet. In late 1990s the PC solid sheet is widely used in the automobile industry, electronics, construction and other occupation, with the annual amount added, the PC solid sheet can not meet domestic we add speed, because some China PC solid sheet to gradually increase the foreign imports, even by 20.1% per year in addition. Now the world has been carried out using the PC solid sheet to the special and high function direction, in view of the PC solid sheet with UV protection, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock resistance, easy construction, transmission?of?light, resistance aging and other important characteristics. All over the world are increasing research and development of PC solid sheet, especially in China, with the continuous development of our industry, increasing the demand for PC sheet. The Chinese government research organization has increased its research on PC solid sheet. Hope the PC solid sheet bring increased assistance and convenience to our lives.
  With the use of polycarbonate more and more widely, the cost of producing polycarbonate is reduced, and its technology is more and more sophisticated, and the processing of PC solid sheet will be faster and faster.
  PC solid sheet processing, the main factor lies in the future market and the PC solid sheet of the quality of raw materials, now there are many domestic manufacturers can produce the PC solid sheet, but it can be used to produce PC solid sheet process manufacturers because of its processing through the scanty, high temperature, plastic, pulling, cooling technology, the plate stress also will produce great changes. The purity of raw material sheet has impurities and moisture, the success rate is not high. In addition to the transparency of the molding plate is not high even the bad rate will be very high as well.

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