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PC solid sheet partition is a good choice for bathroom partition

332 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

PC solid sheet as a project building materials, has gradually integrated into people’s daily lives, in addition to our regular exposure to the canopy, awning, advertising light boxes, etc, it also appeared in every corner of the bathroom, Did you find their shadow ? PC solid sheet also have many types: flat solid sheet, frosted solid sheet, embossed solid sheet, etc,Do you know where the bathroom is best suited to use PC solid sheet?
Cut curtains

Bathroom partition multi-use curtains in the past, and gradually people found that the curtain is easy to be wet water, you need to often remove to clean, if the bathroom ventilation is not good, slightly careless curtain curtain is easy to mold black, affecting the shower mood. Although there are waterproof curtains, but the price is expensive, but also prohibitive.

Tempered glass partition

Later, people switched to tempered glass, the use of tempered glass to some extent to avoid cumbersome cleaning process, but the glass can no longer be cut and processed. In other words, the possibility of re-use is very small. Followed by the tempered glass is well known, because of the temperature difference caused by “blew” phenomenon. Looking at the whole surface of the crack, the rest is sighed with regret, regret too late. The last is the tempered glass surface is not smooth, are generally rugged, which is why it can not do the mirror of the reason.

PC solid sheet cut off

If the bathroom cut off the kind of effect you want to tempered glass, but do not want any risk, PC solid sheet is a very good choice: First, the advantages of raw materials, PC solid sheet raw materials are generally imported materials, such as the United States GE, Germany Bayer, Japanese raw materials and so on. High quality raw materials determine its own durability, anti-condensation and other characteristics. Second, PC solid sheet called “no broken glass,” like the appearance of tempered glass, but no “blew” and other shortcomings. Third, the variety, in addition to the same as the glass-like surface of the bulletin board, as well as frost polycarbonate solid sheet and embossed polycarbonate solid sheet, are a good choice for bathroom partition, in general, from the flate polycarbonate solid sheet, frost solid sheet, embossed solid sheet’s light transmittance is showing a decreasing trend, the line of sight and light blocking effect is better. Fourth, light weight, sound insulation, summer cold, winter insulation. We often face such a dilemma, their sleepy darkness, and the bathroom crashed the sound of water so that we can not sleep. As the PC solid sheet than the glass to improve the sound 3-4DB, so PC solid sheet sound insulation is a good solution to such problems, to create a good rest environment. “Summer cool, winter insulation”, especially in winter, the experience tells us that the tempered glass partitions are very cold, take a bath when you do not pay attention to the tempered glass will be ice skin pain. The PC solid sheet partition in addition to its surrounding high heat insulation effect, the PC material itself to avoid the cold touch. Fifth, PC solid sheet price concessions, PC solid sheet the price is generally very cheap, which is why the bathroom decoration manufacturers to buy PC solid sheet reasons.

Does your bathroom cut off the pace of technology? PC solid sheet partition is a good choice for bathroom partition!

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