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PC solid sheet used for lighting shade on train

337 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

In order to improve the clarity, durability and safety of the lighting shade, many manufacturers have turned to chose Polycarbonate solid sheet ,for it has advantages in fire resistance, impact resistance, transparency and plasticity. PC light shade not only improved the safety of train, but also make the train reaches best energy-saving. PC solid sheet lighting shade is generally placed in places where there is large population flow, For these places are basically take safe for the first,and PC solid sheet have strongest impact resistance among Plastic materials. Its characteristics are beautiful appearance,long life,easy to install and manage, do not often need to maintain the replacement.

According to previous experience, The light shade on the train is general made of acrylic or glass, it is easy to be destroyed. In order to improve the security of train lighting, the designer began to look for new materials. One hand hope that passengers to protect public facilities, on the one hand ready to upgrade the train safety situation. So now almost all use better anti-combat PC board as lighting shade.

The light box made of PC solid sheet is not only strong, but also with good transparency and beautiful appearance. Even after a strong impact, the PC solid sheet lighting shade on the train will not be broken and hurt passengers.

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