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PC solid sheets’ function of sound proof and noise resistance

311 Published by Lanyu 5月 21,2018

The speed of cities’ development is getting faster and faster!The improvement of living standard and the speed-up of city lives’ pace bring many problems!The most unavoidable is increasing the noise pollution,especially traffic noise.The share of traffic noise in urban noise is up to 40%.Many citizens who living around the road are suffering from this”disaster”.Seeking a more silent living environment,Choosing some useful soundproof materials become a big matter which many citizens care about.
Working or living long time in a more than 90 decibels noisy environment can severely affect hearing and other diseases such as heart vessels.Meanwhile,the noise can also have psychological effect, in the high frequency of noise, the average person has irritability, simply exciting situation.It can make somebody feel Fidgety, drooping and will influence working efficiency.Many equipment in new apartments,buildings and factories have used PC soild sheet as soundproof windows.Its Substantive influence is impressive.

Soundproof parcloses and windows are important measures to prevent and solve traffic noise pollution.Inserting a dense solid sheet or wall with enough surface density between the audio source and receiving point to form a sound area behind the barrier, thereby reducing the noise.When a sound wave passes through a barrier, part of it is reflected, part is absorbed, and part is transmitted and diffracted.The sound barrier is generally made of a layer of PC solid sheet,designed to ensure that the transmission tone is much lower than the diffraction tone.

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