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Polycarbonate embossed sheet shower room

336 Published by Lanyu 6月 07,2018

Humanized planning is the people-oriented planning concept, the courage to innovate ,do precisely and fine. The modern shower room is the perfect combination of professional skills and humanized planning. The use of PC embossed sheet,pne kind of PC solid sheet,can make the shower room very fashion .PC embossed sheet can be different colors and shapes, it can meet the modern shower room fashion and humane planning needs.
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Recently, because of the season and other reasons , the shower room sales greatly increased. Walk into the bathroom exhibition hall of each building materials market , many brands of shower room has become hot sale goods . Shower room is affordable, free to custom, and become the top sale of sanitary ware products . Personalization has become the primary trend of development.

In addition to personalization, quality is also very important. PC embossed sheet coated with UV,it improved the strength , enhance its service life and corrosion resistance. What’s more, PC embossed sheet can show colorful decoration effect. PC sheet is made of polycarbonate imported from Germany. PC solid sheet is also called unbreakable glass, its light equals to half of the glass,have strong impact resistance, deformation is not easy . It is widely used in commercial construction , home decoration, municipal construction, etc, Manufacturers supply ten years warranty to ensure that the quality of goods and service life. The PC embossed sheet can not only bring useful features , but also the visual treat. Shower room is the main part of bathroom decoration, and PC embossed sheet is an integral part of shower room . Personalized times require personalized goods, personalized goods demand more personalized service.

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