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Polycarbonate hollow sheet installation-the aluminum profile installation

442 Published by Lanyu 5月 06,2018

  (1) Now the modified polycarbonate hollow sheet installation method is divided into “aluminum profile assembly method” and “buckle-type assembly method.” These two methods need put the special waterproof tape under the aluminum profile or buckle. The tape for the import of special tape, the size of the selection should be strictly in accordance with engineering design requirements.

  (2) the use of self-tapping screws or bolts to connect aluminum profile, in the tightening should pay attention to adjust the sealing parts of the connection .At the same time also pay attention not to make polycarbonate hollow sheet, connecting profiles and fasteners themselves deformation or damage.
  (3) the polycarbonate hollow sheet is installed, immediately peel off the protective film. If you must continue to protect the sheet, you should first peel off, and then re-cover, in order to avoid direct sunlight for a long time, and produce plastic transfer phenomenon.
  (4) Before installation, the construction organizer must understand the text description and precautions printed on the protective film and explain to the operator. In particular, pay attention to “which side outward” marked.
  (5) When installing the polycarbonate hollow sheet, please pay attention to the relationship between the thickness of the sun plate (d) and the bending radius (R). Multilayer R> = 175d monolayer R> = 150d corrugated plate R> = 4000mm
  (6) the thickness of the polycarbonate hollow sheet and installation specifications to determine, Related to the installation place’s the basic wind speed, basic snow load, installation height, building size and many other factors.

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