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Polycarbonate hollow sheets’ several common problem

351 Published by Lanyu 5月 08,2018

  PC hollow is the most environmental friendly and energy-saving plastic materials, it has a high light transmission, good strength and outdoor weathering performance, light wight and easy to installation.

  It has been widely applied to the construction, agriculture, indoor spacing, canopy, carport and other over years.But Pc sheet is lowly accepted and clients lack of knowledge of it,these hindered the widespread use of polycarbonate sheet.
  Analysis of the problems highly concerned by customers, hope it can help you.
  1. PC sheet use life: it depends mainly on the material and the production process.
  PC material composition is very important, the virgin material (advanced), 50%new material (mid-range), recycled material (low). Different raw materials makes the sheet have different use life.
  Production process depends on whether there is UV layer, UV layer is uniform or not, whether UV thickness is qualified.
  Pc sheet with imported new materials’ life is very long (more than 10 years), 50%new material (7-10 years), recycled material (3-5 years).
  2. The strength of use: the basic general civil sunshine shed, bicycle shelter, car canopy, channel shade, etc. Thickness 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm twin wall sheet is the preferred
  The honeycomb panel, U locking plate is a new type sheet, its outstanding strength is unparalleled.
  Large-scale lighting projects need to consult with our sales based on the detailed engineering requirements.
  3. Transportation: In the delivery process, Heavy items and sharp things should not be placed in the PC board,for the sheet is hollow. Lift the sheet when unloading to prevent scratches. The PC hollow sheet should not be transport with corrosive chemicals.
  Customized sheet length should be not longer than 6 meters.
  4. Custom sheet specifications: PC hollow sheet standard width is 1220mm, the length can be customized according to customer requirements; when have demand for custom width, supplier will account new price based on it.
  5.Color of PC hollow sheet: the material is polycarbonate sheet,The colors of sheet made through increase the color master batch in production process. The general colors are transparent, lake blue, blue, grass green, opal, bronze, etc. It can also customized as customers’ requirement or color sample.

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