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The Polycarbonate solids sheet is one of the best impact resistance in thermoplastics

357 Published by Lanyu 12月 25,2017

Polycarbonate solid sheet engineering Wet assembly method is mainly used for small facilities such as garage, station canopy, rain eaves, greenhouses and many other alternative glass occasions. When the wet assembly method is used, the basic requirement is that the sealing system is capable of withstanding a certain amount of movement of the sheet, which allows the thermal expansion without reducing its adhesion to the frame and the sheet.
1.Light weight: the proportion of only half of the general glass, and easy to crush, handling installation time and effort, especially for tall buildings use;

2.Anti-condensation: Under normal circumstances, when the outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, indoor temperature of 23 ℃, as long as the indoor humidity is less than 80%, the surface of the material will not be exposed;

3.Heat transfer:polycarbonate solid sheet is lower than ordinary glass and other plastic thermal conductivity (K value), so that greatly reduce the heat loss, for heating equipment, building, is environmentally friendly materials;

4.Impact resistance: PC is the best impact resistance in a thermoplastic, made of PC by thepolycarbonate solid sheet can be more than a wide temperature range for a long time to maintain good impact resistance, “not broken glass “And” ring steel “reputation;

5.Chemical resistance: polycarbonate solid sheet at room temperature to withstand a variety of organic acids, inorganic acids, vegetable oil, neutral salt solution, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol erosion. polycarbonate solid sheet soluble in chlorinated alkanes, slightly soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones, can be alkali damage, in the days of water, methanol will swell;

6.Fire-retardant PC solid sheet has a good resistance, the National Fire Building Materials Supervision Center test, according to GB8624–1997 standard, to flame B1 level. sheet itself ignited 630 ℃, the combustion process will not produce toxic gases, will not contribute to the spread of fire, self-extinguishing from the fire.

7.Cold bending installation, heat and cold resistant.

Polycarbonate solid sheet works dry assembly method, that does not use sealant. The advantage of the dry assembly system is that the seal tape is pressed against the inside of the bar so that the sheet is moved and the load is moved when the sheet is likely to expand beyond the extension of the sealant and for aesthetic purposes Can be free to move. This type of installation can not use PVC seal tape, because the soft PVC added in the plasticizer to migrate to the surface of the sheet, the surface of the plate will crack, or even the whole board was destroyed.

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