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Which is better of cold bending and Rewind processing for polycarbonate solid sheet

276 Published by Lanyu 2月 08,2018

According to the latest news, the durability of the bending process has been greatly improved, today, The Editor of Hebei Unique Plastics Manufacturer Co, Ltd share the bending process with you.
Polycarbonate solid sheet bending processing:

1.Cold forming processing, generally with its thickness of 150 times as the minimum cold bending radius for cold bending. However, for the polycarbonate solid sheet with anti-scratch layer, the minimum cold bending should be considered 175 times, if smaller, it is recommended to use thermoforming. Cold bending will produce a certain permanent deformation, deformation depends on the size of the thickness of the plate. After the cold bending process will have a certain degree of relaxation phenomenon, PC sheet is best to have a about 25% of the excessive bending, after a few days should be inside and outside the balance, in order to get the final shape.

2.The polycarbonate solid sheet Rewan processing, PC board bending process is the use of heating equipment on the PC board need to bend the location of the local single-sided heating or local double-sided heating, generally based on the thickness of the PC board selection, the proposed 5mm or more PC sheet with local double-sided heating is better.

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