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Screw assembly method of PC solid sheet

390 Published by Lanyu 5月 31,2018

Screw method

A, screw or rivet piercing device, the opening diameter of the plate must be 50% larger than the diameter of the bolt or rivet, so that the plate will be displaced when it is expanded and cooled. Stop any direct hole opening with fixed screws or rivets, and can not reserve heat expansion and cold contraction space.
B, drilling holes on the plate, the hole and hole interval should not be too large, nor too small. Are the cumulative thermal expansion length, the reserved space does not meet the severe restrictions; moving interval must small plates, forming stress too gathered. If the thermal expansion is allowed to bend outward, some stresses can be counteracted.

C, usually drilled on the plate, the hole spacing in 1250px contrast is appropriate, the hole and plate margin interval is recommended in 3 ~ 125px above.

D, rivet head diameter should be 2 times larger than the diameter of the handle, and with gaskets or Hua, to prevent damage in some of the high pressure plate.

E and screws should not be screwed too tightly to prevent the fracture of the plate.

F should not use PVC gaskets or asphalt containing waterproof adhesive tape, because they are separated from the chemical additives will cause chemical corrosion of the plate, resulting in cracks in the surface of the board, and even break.

G, cold bending, some of the twists and turns to prevent the use of screws. All pores shall be filled with neutral silicone sealant to prevent the entry of detergent from affecting the plate.

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