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The absolute advantage of pc hollow sheet

375 Published by Lanyu 5月 05,2018

  First of all, polycarbonate sheet has excellent light transmittance which can reach 88%.Now the use of polycarbonate sheet has exceed traditional film.The greenhouse made of polycarbonate sheet has widely applicated in agricultural vegetable cultivation and flower cultivation.

  Second, the greenhouse made of PC sheet can efficiently weaken adverse effects on crops which caused by the bad weather. It has a double or multi-layer structure which can reduce the indoor fog.Besides,the structure can also reduce the intense exchange of the indoor hot air and outdoor cold air,and maintain a no water droplets state of indoor. PC sheet is a excellent thermal?insulation materials,its multi-layer structure is conducive to the storage of solar energy which can avoid a significant temperature difference at night and maintain a proper?temperature of indoor.It is difficult to match for traditional greenhouse film. PC sheet has a stiffener in the center, whether it is wind, rain, or snow, PC sheet has a good compression resistant ability. And it is very strong, not easy to tear. Usually,the greenhouse film need to be replaced every year, but PC sheet can be used for 10 years,even can exceed 15 years under a good maintenance condition,it isn’t need to be replaced frequently.Besides that, it is easy to install.
  To sum up, we have enough reason to believe that in the future of China,the PC sheet which has the advantages of low cost, good insulation performance and long service life,will be widely used in planting industry, breeding industry, animal husbandry and cultivation plant undertaking.

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