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The blister processing of polycarbonate solid sheet

662 Published by Lanyu 6月 09,2018

At that time the market for blister materials are: PC (polycarbonate) PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS, PET, PS and so on.
PC blister in the production and manufacturing is particularly exquisite, because PC blister may be affected by many factors, such as temperature, time, pressure and manufacturing speed, etc, which will affect the PC blister Before molding, PC resin is necessary to be boring. Boring method can be used to make the ebullated bed boring, vacuum boring, hot air circulation boring and so on. Originally, PC blister and other plastic products technology is a lot worse, but there are also some differences, then today, for you about PC blister has what the characteristics of it.

1, Pc blister is an amorphous plastic, at different stages, the demand for control of the temperature is not the same.

2, PC blister thermal stability of the plastic is relatively good, and can increase relative to the molecular quality and progress.

3, PC plastic creep resistance is good, good scale stability; but its internal stress is not easy to eliminate.

4, PC blister under high temperature water easily degraded, forming the required moisture content below 0.02%.

5, if not pay attention to it is very simple to show the scene of the crack.

6, in the manufacturing process, its apparent viscosity by the temperature of the larger impact by the shear rate of small, with the increase in the average molecular weight increases.

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