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The difference between PC material Injection molding word and Acrylic material Injection molding word

356 Published by Lanyu 6月 21,2018

The difference between PC sheet and acrylic sheet

1.PC board has excellent heat resistant and cold resistant performance,The acrylic board will soften when the temperature reaches 70 degrees.The softening temperature of the PC board is 120 degrees, so the PC board is more heat-resistant.The PC board does not deform under temperature -30 degree which made the size of injection molding word more stabilized.Because of the excellent cold resistance performance,PC material injection molding word can be used in areas with very low temperatures in the North.
2.PC material injection molding word has excellent impact resistant performance.If two material sheets have the same thickness, the impact resistance of PC is 30-50 times than that of acrylic board.PC solid sheet with thickness more than 6mm can be used as bulletproof material,the strength of 3mm pc solid sheet is very high,it will not broken even if a adult hit it with a hammer.

3.PC sheet has excellent flame resistant performance:PC is B grade flame retardant material, it is not easy to burn, and acrylic board is not flame resistant.

4.PC material injection molding word has excellent impact resistant :The PC board is hard to break and has the reputation of “unbreakable glass”.

5.PC sheet injection molding has a strong anti UV function: surface of PC sheet has a layer of anti UV coating, the sheet is not easy to change color under the sunlight.

How to distinguish between PC sheet and arylic sheet

The color of the two plates is very close. It is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. You can judge by the sound of the two plates when you knock them.The sound of acrylic board is crisp and the sound of PC sheet is relatively powerful,this is related to the impact resistance of two kinds sheet, pc sheet has stronger impact resistance.This is the most effective way to distinguish between PC sheet and arylic sheet.

PC sheet that has good impact resistance

It is easy to distinguish between the PC sheet and the acrylic board by manual bending.PC sheet has good impact resistance which is not easy to break.

Through the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that PC material Injection molding word has better performance than Acrylic material Injection molding word. Now injection molding word widely use PC sheet, some friends will choose more affordable acrylic board,the price of acrylic board is lower than the PC sheet.In light transmittance, two kinds of sheet are similar, usually can reaching 90%.

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