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The forming and bending property of PC Solid Sheet

455 Published by Lanyu 6月 20,2018

The special property of PC solid sheet make it become one of most fashionable building material. Its application now already extended to every line and every field. When in the using it may need forming, bending techniques etc. From this it can also see the advantages and special property of PC solid sheet. It will take up the widen market and earn more customers acceptance.
Because the PC solid sheet is the material which has the high hydroscopicity, it need dehumidification before forming; and it’s temperature also need strict control, because the PC solid sheet has the feature of stress cracking. That’s why it also need prevent stress cracking happening. In these conditions, the formed solid sheet will have the best usability.

About the bending of PC solid Sheet, there usually have hot bending and cold bending two ways. The hot bending do not need high quality demand on PC sheets, but the cold bending need improving. And it is more difficult to bending when the PC sheet more thick, then the quality demand more higher. But the rate of work is higher.

Through above introduction, everybody should have more knowledge and understanding to the PC solid sheet, So that can make better use of it, do the better care and maintenance.

The forming and bending property of PC Solid Sheet

The special property of PC solid sheet make it become one of most fashionable building material. ...

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