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The Notice of PC Hollow Sheet and Solid Sheet In use

746 Published by Lanyu 6月 30,2018

The application of PC hollow sheet and PC solid sheet is increasing continuously, we know the basic character of the polycarbonate. But they belong to plastics, they have some common weakness, Such as afraid of some chemicals, it need applied in special situation.and in the application it need according to their own performance. Then the polycarbonate can exert their biggest advantages. The following is the notices of polycarbonate in application and installation.
The solid sheet can’t touch the alkaline matter and aggressive organic solvent, the device painting surface can not touch the plate. Otherwise it will have a corrosive effect on the sheet appearance.

It may need neutral silica gel or pads when install. it prohibited to use the strong acids and strong alkaline colloid.

When install the self threading pin, it need play expansion hole to prevent the craze when Expansion and contraction.

It need reserve the appropriate gap in the two plate splicing in accordance with the local conditions of the temperature. The slit width is usually more than 50% of the screw diameter.

The hollow sheet bending radius must be greater than 175 times of the board thickness. Solid sheet bending radius must be greater than 100 times of board thickness.

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