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The production technology of the greenhouse PC hollow sheet and solid sheet

724 Published by Lanyu 6月 29,2018

First, the production techniques of greenhouse PC hollow sheet and PC solid sheet:
Now, polycarbonate sheet extrusion production first is the production of hollow sheet and by comparison, polycarbonate hollow sheet has both good transparency and heat preservation function, and more reasonable in price, so the use of hollow sheet outnumber solid sheet. The polycarbonate hollow sheet is called “sunshine board” in the market, and it is used for the lighting materials of greenhouse, pavilion and ceiling. The production line of PC board no matter hollow or solid, the composition of its production line and the production process are basically the same, only the mold and the stereotyped device are different.

About the high viscosity of polycarbonate products first choose vertical placement, especially produce thick sheet, materials will be fed from the upper, thicker piece of material depends on the weight can stick close roller surface, reach the best press polish. The temperature demand of the rollers can be controlled, and the sunshine board is to adhere to the joint of the temperature along the axis of the rollers, and the pressure of the cavity of the roller will be connected to the thermal conductivity oil, and there is a special plan to make the temperature even.

Polycarbonate panel first choose fish head or hanger head, this is first because polycarbonate flow function is poor, choose brief manifold type T the nose, it is difficult to put the material evenly distributed along the nose full width. Fish head to named by port into the tail shape, including otimista, chase to the two mutations in the narrow, high center to the two ends together by mutation of low melt distributor (damping area), can be useful to regulate the mouth model of transverse flow velocity tends to together, not suitable for extrusion wide width of the PC board. About extrusion wide PC board, introduce chooses clothes tree head, hangers nose structure similar to fish head, flow in hanger form, because the rack head expansion Angle is bigger than fish head, so the hanger head axial size is smaller than fish head, more suitable for extrusion wide of spoke plate. However, the damping area planning of hanger head is more complicated.

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