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The reason why PC solid sheet develop so quickly?

625 Published by Lanyu 5月 25,2018

Through investigation found that PC solid sheet is one of the engineering plastic develop fast, so the demand for it has also been a rapid increase. In this case, the immutable commodity will not keep up with the development of the times and professional needs, so the PC solid sheet should also toward the high composite, high function, specialization, serialization .
PC solid sheet is made of polymer engineering plastic polycarbonate .Through a variety of technical means ,the sheet get many excellent features. Although the economic environment make the decline in the demand for PC solid sheet, but now the cost of each industry increasing. According to the excellent function of polycarbonate, cars and electronic goods is the main performance of its industry. China’s car market is very hot over the years ,and polycarbonate used in the car area more and more those days. Lightweight car has become a trend. The PC solid sheet have significant advantage in decrease weight of the car . The increasing size of televisions also affecting the need for polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate sheet is light, heat resistant, consolidated .Compared with plexiglass, it is more functional and stable, especially when it used in back lighting equipment, under high temperature makes its advantages obvious. Now the demands for PC solid sheet is way up.

Coupled with the use of new technologies and new equipment, the quality and functions of PC solid sheet have a significant increase .For its obvious advantages , users pay more attention to this kind of polycarbonate sheet.

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