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The reason why the pc hollow sheet and pc solid can able prevent the UV

480 Published by Lanyu 6月 12,2018

Why the pc sheet ( hollow sheet , solid sheet ) can prevent the UV , aging-resistant , Extend the service life of the product itself? The pc sheet during the produce with special treatment , on the surface of the products add the uv layer , then reduces UV damage to the pc sheet . add the uv layer is use the Independent machines ,so the cost is expensive .Due to the cost , during the produce most of the producer add the uv material with the pc material ,some even under the customers no absence of knowledge do not add the uv material , The service life of the PC board is greatly damaged . In the process of buying and selling, the seller may tell the customers : the uv material is add in the pc material , the same with add in the surface of the products .pls do not believe it . Let me explain for you: the difference of uv material add in the surface and add in the pc material .
The UV coating is hostile to ultraviolet light, Here, ultraviolet light is compared to an invader, Compare the UV coating to a talented defender, pc material Compared to the innocent villagers of demand. The UV material is added to the pc material is equivalent to all the strength to resist on the periphery of the villagers. So that invasion of strength will not penetrate a little bit, And then ensure the service life of the pc sheet . The UV material is mixed to pc material inside is equivalent to the strength to resist to household villagers doorstep, Faced with a multitude of them offenders, Slack resistance is insufficient to maintain effect . It is marked by experience : uv material in the pc material compared with the uv material on the surface , The service life was shortened by 3 to 5 years.

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The reason why the pc hollow sheet and pc solid can able prevent the UV

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