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The unique advantages of Lanyu polycarbonate solid sheet

624 Published by Lanyu 6月 16,2018

Characteristics of PC solid sheet

High transmittance: Up to 80% of the transmittance , as transparent as glass

Light weight: the density of PC plastic is 1.2kg/m2, its weight is only half of glass
Strong impact resistance: the impact resistance is 200 times of glass in same thickness, and 30 times of perspex sheet.

Strong weather-resistance: it has UV protection on the surface, which can prevent the aging of sheet caused by the UV rays. It is used to all kinds of inclement weather conditions, and the UV co-extrusion skills can make sheet guarantee for 10 years

Sound insulation: it can reduce noise effectively and widely used as sound barrier

Multi-purpose, easy to install: light weight, easy to transfer, not easy to crack when drilling, can be cold bending and hot forming

Fire resistance: according to the national standard GB8624, the PC sheet is classified as a non-flammable grade B1, with no drop of objects and toxic gas .

The common advantage of the Lanyu polycarbonate sheet

Produces top quality PC sheet over 18years.

Germany advanced production control skills, strong skills development team support.

Italian OMIPA production line and fully equipped detection equipment.

The product variety is complete, meet different need of different customers.

Unique is a long – term and high-quality supplier of major greenhouse companies, steel structure companies and curtain wall companies.

Cover up nationwide distribution network, professional logistics and service.

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The unique advantages of Lanyu polycarbonate solid sheet

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