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The usage in taxi of Anti robbing device that made of pc solid sheet

282 Published by Lanyu 5月 24,2018

According to survey, in recent 5 years of Yinchuan city, the case that snatch and hurt the taxi driver accounted for 51.8% of total number of criminal cases along the passenger line. On average every two days, It will happen a injury cases for taxi drivers that are basically carried out by suspects on the copilot’s side. For example, in 2005,in the case that looted and killed taxi drivers in Yinchuan on March 11th and October 17th, the suspects attacked and threatened the driver from the copilot’s seat, so that the driver lose the chance of avoiding injury. It is difficult to guard against this kind of damage use the iron protection net in the taxi in Yinchuan city. And the public security departments deal with some car disputes,in this disputes drunken passengers on the copilot reach for the steering wheel or snatch the car key, these practices are very likely to cause traffic accidents. In addition, the protective fence used in the taxi is very easy to cause personal injury to the passengers in the back of the car. In July last year, a taxi made a emergency brake in the process of moving, So that the body of a female passenger in the rear seat suddenly moved forward, her head hit the protective fence,and her nasal bone fractured, her front teeth were knocked, so badly injured. This caused great bodily harm to passengers and caused huge economic losses to the driver.
Through market research, Yinchuan traffic bureau screened out a new type of anti robbing device that made of pc solid sheet.This anti robbing device can completely separate the driver and the passenger, and has high safety performance. The anti robbing device has been putted into use in taxi Shenyang, Jilin and other cities, and it has been unanimously praised. I believe in the near future, this kind of anti robbing device that made of pc solid sheet will be putted into use in more areas, there is a broader market.

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