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Using PC hollow board and solid board to decorate is simple and economical

289 Published by Lanyu 6月 02,2018

The Polycarbonate sheet contains PC hollow board and PC solid board, which is widely used in the decoration of the indoor and outdoor.
Decorative materials have become the same as clothing and decorations, and are closely linked with the words of fashion and trend. Only the new products of material stores has been overwhelmed. The development of the decoration materials has been removed from the initial satisfaction of the simple decoration , and is now being carried out rapidly in the direction of satisfying people’s curiosity, chasing new, and seeking different needs. The new materials of polycarbonate sheet also play a key role in the decoration of modern villas. PC solid board can be used for indoor interval directly, brief, natural, with fine finished wall space, can compose very special, unique adornment effect.

PC hollow board, this simple and rare new material is widely used in the modern decoration .water pavilion, the house that use it is graceful, beautiful natural. It can use the wall insulation of the wall of the room, sunshine room roof, metope, stair, floor board and other woodwork use space. The biggest advantage of the hollow board is the hard burning, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, lightproof, waterproof and anti-aging. The main thing is, it using easily, appearance beautiful, multiple colors , and price is cheaper than other board. Greatly reduce the user’s cost to decorate, raise people’s bedroom aesthetic feeling and make up for old adornment material insufficient. PC embossed board decorative plate, apply to the bedroom, hotel, theater and other blank wall pavement, can show a variety of color multiple personality, reduced the adornment of the money.

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